Caddisflies, caddises. Generally drab in colour. Moth-like in appearance but distinguishable by the wing venation. The body and legs are covered in fine hairs and they have long filiform antenna. The larva are aquatic, inhabiting freshwater as well as saline habits.     [478 Aust.species]

All species pictured have their DNA in the Barcode of Life Database.

Anisocentropus latifascia Anisocentropus banghaasi Apsilochorema gisbum Cheumatopsyche sp. GC1
Cheumatopsyche sp. 7 AU Cheumatopsyche XZ sp. AU1 Chimarra karakara Chimarra uranka
Ecnomus cuspidis Ecnomus pilbarensis Hydroptila sp. GC1 Hydroptila sp. GC2
HydroptilidGC sp. 1 HydroptilidGC sp. 2 Oecetis australis Oecetis laustra
Oecetis pechana Oecetis sp. GC1 Oecetis walpolica Oecetis XZ sp. AU1
Oxyethira sp. GC1 TrichopteraGC sp. 6 TrichopteraGC sp. 10 TrichopteraGC sp. 12
TrichopteraGC sp. 18 TrichopteraGC sp. 21 TrichopteraGC sp. 23 Triplectides ciuskus
Triplectides parvus Triplectides XZ sp. AU1 Triplectides XZ sp. AU2 Ulmerochorema XZsp. AU1

filename: gvc3449 filename: gvc3452 filename: gvc2100 filename: gvc2984
filename: gvc12463 filename: gvc4010    
filename: gvc3504 filename: gvc14138 (sp09) filename: gvc4083 filename: gvc4087




Insects of Australia (Chapter 40: Tricoptera)

 A. Neboiss

CSIRO, Division of Entomology

1137pp (2 volumes), Melbourne University Press, 2nd Edition 1999.

Page 787