True Crickets. Most are dorsoventrally flattened. Many species are sexually dimorphic for wing length. The varying ovipositor morphology suggests species are specific to a particular type of leaf, (see Rentz, page 117). Species with unsculptured ovipositors lay their eggs in the ground.

Most species pictured have their DNA in the Barcode of Life Database.

Daintria sp. GryllidGC sp. 1

GryllidGC sp. 2

GryllidGC sp. 3


GryllidGC sp. 4

Hemiphonus continuus

Homeoxipha lycoides

Lepidogryllus sp. GC1


Lepidogryllus sp. GC2

Lepidogryllus sp. GC3

Lepidogryllus sp. GC4 Madasumma affinis

Metioche vittaticollis

Mundeicus brunneovariegatus

Mundeicus longifemur

Mundeicus sp. GC1


Myara sp. Riatina callosifrons

Pteronemobius unicolor

Salmanites sp.


Teleogryllus sp.

Trigonidium sp. GC1 Trigonidium sp. GC2 Trigonidium bundilla



Trigonidomorpha sjostedti

Unka boreena




Scaled Cricket



Grasshopper Country - The Abundant Orthopteroid Insects of Australia

Rentz, David

University of NSW Press, 1996

Page 115