Hawk Moths, Torpedo Moths. Large streamlined moths that fly rapidly and are able to hover in front of flowers. They have a long proboscis with which they suck up nectar. Their role as pollinators may be significant.        [n Aust species]

All species pictured have their DNA in the Barcode of Life Database.

Acosmeryx anceus

Agrius convolvuli Agrius godarti Ambulyx dohertyi queenslandi

Cephonodes kingii

Cephonodes picus Coenotes eremophilae

Daphnis moorei


Daphnis placida

Daphnis protrudens

Eupanacra splendens

Gnathothlibus eras


Hippotion brennus

Hippotion celerio

Hippotion rosetta

Hippotion scrofa

Hippotion velox

Hyles livornicoides

Macroglossum hirundo errans

Macroglossum micaceae

Nephele subvaria

Psilogramma casuarinae

Psilogramma exigua

Psilogramma menephron


Psilogramma papuensis

Theretra celata

Theretra latreillii

Theretra margarita


Theretra oldenlandiae lewini

Theretra queenslandi

Theretra silhetensis intersecta

Theretra turneri






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