Case Moths, Bag Moths. The larvae construct portable cases of silk ornamented with sticks, grass, leaves or sand grains. The type of case can help identify a species.     [145 Aust. species]

Clania ignobilis Iphierga sp. GC1 Iphierga sp. GC3 Iphierga sp. 5

Lepidoscia sp. GC12 Lepidoscia sp. 15 Lepidoscia sp. GC16 Metura elongatus


Piestoceros sp. ANIC4


larva 01

filename: gvc4570 larva 02 larva 03

larva 04 filename: gvc4586 filename: gvc1758 filename: gvc0837

filename: gvc2686 filename: gvc4612 filename: gvc1677  

  filename: gvc6897 Lepidoscia sp. 12 filename: gvc3016




Moths of Australia

Ian F.B. Common

Melbourne University Press, 1990

Page 174