Lycaenidae - Blues, Coppers, Hairstreaks and Metalmarks


All species pictured have their DNA in the Barcode of Life Database.


Anthene lycaenoides

Pale Ciliate Blue

Arhopala micale

Shining Oak-blue

 Candalides erinus

Small Dusky-blue

Catachrysops panormus

Silver Forget-me-not


Euchrysops cnejus

Spotted Pea-blue

Famegana alsulus

Black-spotted Grass-blue

Freyeria putli

Grass Jewel

Hypochrysops digglesii

Diggle's Jewel


Hypolycaena danis

Orchid Flash

Lampides boeticus

Long-tailed Pea-blue

Leptotes plinius

Plumbago Blue

Jamides phaseli

Purple Cerulean


Ogyris zozine

Northern Purple Azure

Psychonotis caelius

Small Green-banded Blue

  Theclinesthes miskini

Miskin's Blue

Theclinthes onycha

Cycad Blue


Zizeeria karsandra

Spotted Grass-blue

 Zizina labradus

Common Grass-blue

Zizula sp.




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