Cup Moths. The adults are stout bodied while the larvae are stout and slug-like, without abdominal prolegs, and often with stinging hairs. Some species defoliate eucalypts. The pupa is enclosed in a stiff, oval cocoon.     [70 Aust. species]

Apodecta monodisca Comana collaris Comana corones Comana cosmocalla

Comana monomorpha Doratifera vulnerans Doratifera quadriguttata Doratifera pinguis

Doratifera quadriguttata

Doratifera sp. 2 Eloasa atmodes Eloasa callidesma

Lamprolepida chrysochroa Parasoides paroa

Pseudanapaea denotata

Pseudanapaea transvestita
Pygmaeomorpha ocularis Pygmaemorpha sp. A Pygmaemorpha modesta Thosea penthima
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Thanks to Dr. Alexander Schintlmeister, Dresden, for assistance with identifications.

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E.S. Nielson and I.F.B. Common

CSIRO, Division of Entomology

1137pp (2 volumes), Melbourne University Press, 2nd Edition 1999.



Moths of Australia

Ian F.B. Common

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Page 301