Tropical Longhorned moths. Small moths. The antennae are longer than the forewing.    [70 Aust. species]

All species pictured have their DNA in the Barcode of Life Database.

Cophomantella lychnocentra Crocanthes characotis Crocanthes diula Crocanthes hulurga
Crocanthes micradelpha Crocanthes prasinopis Crocanthes zonodesma Lecithocera cyamitis
Lecithocera imprudens Lecithocera sp. GC5 Lecithocera sp. GC7 Lecithocera sp. GC8
LecithoceridGC sp. 2 LecithoceridGC sp. 3 LecithoceridGC sp. 10  
Sarisophora sp. GC1 Sarisophora sp. GC2 Torodora sp. ANIC1