Snout Moths, Tent Caterpillars. A small head and stout body, the antenna often with a distinct bend. Sexually dimorphic.      [73 Aust. species]

All species pictured have their DNA in the Barcode of Life Database.

Cyclophragma cyclomela (male) Cyclophragma cyclomela (female) Entometa fervens (female) Entomeda guttularis (female)

Entomeda guttularis (male)

Genduara pinnalis Genduara sp. A (male) Genduara sp. B
Opsirhina alphaea Pararguda australasiae Pararguda crenulata Paraguda nasuta

Pernattia brevipennis Pernattia pusilla (male) Pernattia sp. 3 Porela cinerea
Porela sp. GC1 Porela delineata Symphyta nyctopis (female)  


Thanks to Dr. Alexander Schintlmeister, Dresden, for assistance with identifications.

Moths of Australia

Ian F.B. Common

Melbourne University Press, 1990

Page 386