Skippers, Awls, Darts. The flight is fast and jerky, giving rise to the common name of skippers. The larva of many feed on palms or grasses.

All species pictured have their DNA in the Barcode of Life Database.



Badamia exclamationis

Brown Awl

Borbo AAM4212

Cephrenes augiades

Orange Palm-dart (dark form)


Cephrenes augiades

Orange Palm-dart (light form)

Chaetocneme denitza

Rare Red-eye

Hasora chromus

Chroma Awl

Ocybadistes hypomeloma

Pale Orange Dart


Ocybadistes walkeri

Yellow Banded Dart

Pelopidas agna

Dingy Swift

Sabera dobboe

Miskin's Swift

Suniana sunias

Green Grass Dart


Telicota mesopteris

Lower's Grass Dart

Toxidia thyrrhus

Dusky Grass-skipper

Toxidia thyrrhus

Trapezites iacchus

Brown Ochre





Trapezites petalia



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