Fringe-tufted Moths. Epermeniidae are small narrow-winged moths, 7-20 mm. in wingspan, with conspicuous whorls of bristles on their legs, lacking spines on the abdomen unlike some similar moths. The smoothly scaled head bears no ocelli or "chaetosemata". They can be most easily confused with Stathmopodinae (Oecophoridae), which unlike epermeniids have the tarsi of the forelegs and midlegs without the whorls of spines, and whose proboscis is scaled at the base (Robinson et al., 1994, for further details). The projecting scale tufts on the inner margin of the hindwing is the easiest field character (Common, 1990).  [Wikipedia]

All species pictured have their DNA in the Barcode of Life Database.

Epermenia commonella Paraepermenia santaliella