Predatory or cleptoparasitic wasps. Adults feed on nectar or honeydew. Pronotum more or less freely articulating with the mesothorax. Females of fossorial forms often with specialized structures for digging.    [744 Aust. species]

Sphecinae [48 Aust. species]



Sceliphron formosum

Sceliphron laetum

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Larrinae  [267 Aust. species]


Pison sp. filename: gvc0671 filename: gvc0704

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Nyssoninae  [146 Aust. species]

Sand Wasps, Digger Wasps.    


Bembix sp.


Pemphredoninae  [92 Aust. species]


Philanthinae  [n Aust Species]






unplaced to subfamily



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