Apidae - bees

Long-tongued bees, in which the pollen is carried in corbiculae. Includes the highly social bees.

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Apis mellifera (Honeybee) Amegilla spp. Thyreus nitidulus  
Amegilla sp. GC5 ApidGC sp. 2 Nomada australensis  
ApidGC sp. 9 ApidGC sp. 10 ApidGC sp. 11  
ApidGC sp. 13 ApidGC sp. 14 Braunsapis sp. GC1 ApidGC sp. 16
Xylocopa sp. (female) Xylocopa sp. (male) filename: gvc6344  
filename: gvc12560      


Link to the Magnetic Island Wildlife Site for more information on the Carpenter Bees.

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