Assassin Bugs. Predaceous bugs which generally attack other insects. Possess a strong and curved proboscis for piercing their prey [picture].    [300 Aust. species]    

All species pictured have their DNA in the Barcode of Life Database. 

Australcmena lineativentris Dactylopodocoris agilis Dulitocoris usingeri Empicoris rubromaculatus
Empicoris sp. GC1 Gminatus wallengreni Ischnolestes consputus Oncocephalus sp. GC1
Oncocephalus sp. GC2 Oncocephalus sp. GC3 Opistoplatys fuscus Peirates sp. GC1

Peirates ephippiger Peirates helluo Ploiaria guttata Polytoxus sp. GC1

Polytoxus sp. GC2

Pristhesancus plagipennis

    ReduviidGC sp. 5 ReduviidGC sp. 6
  Sastrapada sp. GC1 Thodelmus impictcornis  
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