Hover Flies. A common widespread family of flies, many with characteristic yellow markings. Often resemble bees and some are wasp mimics with waisted abdomen. Capable of hovering motionlessly. Are important pollinators of plants. Some larvae are predators of aphids. Vena spuria present in the wing.      [169 Aust. species]

Most species pictured have their DNA in the Barcode of Life Database.

Allobacha sp. GC1 Allobacha sp. GC2 Allobaccha sp. GC3

Asarkina ericetorum


Austalis sp. GC1

Austalis sp. n. pulchellus

Ceriana sp.

Episyrphus sp. GC1

Episyrphus sp. GC2 Eristalinus punctulatus Eristalinus sp. GC1

Eristalinus sp. GC2


Eumerus sp. GC1

Eumerus sp. GC2

Melangya viridiceps

Mesembrius sp.

Paragus crenulatus

Simosyrphus grandicornis

Simosyrphus scutellaris

Syritta orientalis (male)


Syritta orientalis (female)

SyrphidGC sp. 1





Insects of Australia (Chapter 39: Diptera)

D.H. Colless and D.K. McAlpine

CSIRO, Division of Entomology

1137pp (2 volumes), Melbourne University Press, 2nd Edition 1999.



Thanks to Wouter van Steenis, The Netherlands for identifications.

Thanks to Gerard Pennards, The Netherlands for identifications.