Bush Flies, House Flies.  Adults can be predatory, hematophagous, saprophagous, or feed on a number of types of plant and animal exudates. They can be attracted to various substances including sugar, sweat, tears and blood. Larvae occur in various habitats including decaying vegetation, dry and wet soil, nests of insects and birds, fresh water, and carrion. The housefly, Musca domestica, is the best known and most important species.






Atherigona sp. GC1 Atherigona sp. GC2 Atherigona orientalis Atherigona sp. GC4
Atherigona sp. GC5 Atherigona sp. GC6 Atherigona sp. GC7 Atherigona sp. GC8
Atherigona sp. GC9 Coenosia attenuata Coenosia acuticornis Dichaetomyia sp. GC1
Diachaetomyia sp. GC2 Dichaetomyia johannis Lispe albimaculata Lispe assimilis
Lispe eidsvoldica Lispe sp. GC1 Lispe sp. GC2  
Musca domestica MuscidGC sp. 1 MuscidGC sp. 2  
Pygophora sp. GC1 Pygophora sp. GC2 Pygophora cf. apicalis Stomoxys calcitrans