A large sub-family with about 180 species. The adults are fairly stout with scale tufts on the thorax and abdomen. The legs have long piliform scales.

All species pictured have their DNA in the Barcode of Life Database.

Athetis maculatra

Athetis tenuis

Athetis thoracica Athetis reclusa
Aethetis striolata Callopistria mailardi Callyna monoleuca Chasmina pulchra

Condica aroana Condica dolorosa Condica illecta Cosmodes elegans

Eremochroa alphitias Hypoperigea tonsa Musothyma cyanastis Prometopus inassueta

Proteuxoa flexrena

Proteuxoa hypochalchis

Proteuxoa sp.

Sasunaga tenebrosa


Spodoptera picta

Spodoptera litura

Spodoptera sp. Spodoptera mauritia



Moths of Australia

Ian F.B. Common

Melbourne University Press, 1990

Page 460