Small or very small moths with narrow wings. Some are leaf miners in grasses.      [350 Aust. species]

All species pictured have their DNA in the Barcode of Life Database.

Cosmopterix sp. GC1

Cosmopterix sp. GC2

Cosmopterix sp. GC3

Cosmopterix sp. GC4  


Cosmopterix sp. GC5

Cosmopterix sp. GC6

Cosmopterix sp. GC7

Cosmopterix sp. GC8



Cosmopterix sp. GC9

Cosmopterix sp. GC10

Cosmopterix sp. 11

Cosmopterix sp. GC12

Cosmopterix sp. GC13 Cosmopterix sp. GC15 CosmopterigidGC sp. 2 CosmopterigidGC sp. 3  

CosmopterigidGC sp. 6 CosmopterigidGC sp. 7 CosmopterigidGC sp. 9

CosmopterigidGC sp. 10


CosmopterigidGC sp. 11 CosmopterigidGC sp. 13

CosmopterigidGC sp. 14

CosmopterigidGC sp. 16  


CosmopterigidGC sp. 17

CosmopterigidGC sp. 18

CosmopterigidGC sp. 19

CosmopterigidGC sp. 22

    CosmopterigidGC sp. 25    




CosmopterigidGC sp. 27

CosmopterigidGC sp. 28

Eumenodora encrypta

Labdia deliciosella


Labdia sp. GC1

Labdia sp. ANIC1

Labdia sp. GC3

Labdia sp. GC4



Labdia sp. GC5

Labdia sp. GC6

Labdia sp. GC7

Labdia sp. GC8



Labdia sp. GC9

Labdia sp. GC10

Labdia sp. GC11

Labdia sp. GC13  

Labdia sp. GC14 Labdia sp. GC15 Labdia sp. GC18

Labdia sp. GC19


Labdia sp. GC20 Labdia sp. GC21 Labdia sp. 23

Leptozestis sp. ANIC50


Leptozestis sp. GC1 Leptozestis sp. GC2

Leptozestis sp. GC5

Leptozestis sp. GC8


Leptozestis sp. GC9 Leptozestis sp. GC10  

Limnaecia tetraplanetis



Limnaecia sp. 1

Limnaecia sp. 2

Limnaecia sp. GC3

Limnaecia sp. GC4  

Limnaecia sp. GC5 Limnaecia sp. GC6 Limnaecia sp. GC7 Limnaecia sp. GC8  


Limnaecia sp. 12

Limnaecia sp. GC13

Limnaecia sp. GC14

Limnaecia sp. GC16



Limnaecia sp. GC17



Limnaecia sp. GC19

Limnaecia polycydista

Limnaecia sp. GC21

Limnaecia sp. GC22



Limnaecia sp. 23

Limnaecia sp. 24

Macrobathra sp. ANIC6

Macrobathra sp. GC1



Macrobathra callipetala

Macrbathra bigerella

Macrobathra leucopeda

Macrobathra leucozancla



Macrobathra sarcoleuca

Paratheta sp. GC1 Perimede sp. GC1 Pyroderces badia  


Pyroderces sp. GC1

Pyroderces sp. GC2

Pyroderces sp. GC3

Pyroderces sp. GC4  
Pyroderces sp. GC5   Pyroderces rileyi Trachydora chrysodoxa  


Xestocasis balanochrysa

Cosmopterig sp. 13      


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CSIRO, Division of Entomology

1137pp (2 volumes), Melbourne University Press, 2nd Edition 1999.

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Moths of Australia

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