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valvula                                 A small valve or fold.

vannus, vannal area                The expanded anal area in the hind wing of many insects.

vena triplica                                 Of Neuroptera, where Sc, R and Rs run parallel for a considerable length and are connected by short cross veins.

vena spuria                            A vein-like fold or thickening in the wing of Syrphidae, Diptera.  [see picture]                   

ventral                                            (ventrad). An adjective (or adverb ventral) denoting position near or movement toward the lower side of the body or a body part.

ventral lobe                                 (of penis). The lower lobe of a penis divided horizontally into dorsal and ventral lobes. See Pedon.

ventrite.                                         See Abdominal ventrite.

ventrolateral process              (of metendosternite). One of a pair of processes extending basally or posteriorly from the center of the metendosternite bear the bases of the lateral arms.

vertex                       Top of the head, between the eyes.

vestigal                Poorly developed.

vestiture.                                       A general term applying to the body covering, including all forms of setae (e.g. hairs, scales etc.).

vibrissae                                       Stiff hairs that are located about the face, esp. the nostrils of many mammals and often serve as tactile organs.

viviparous              To bear living active young rather than eggs.

viviparity, viviporous               Psuedoplacental viparity. The egg is deficient in yolk, and usually lacks a chorion. It develops in an enlarged part of the vagina, being nourished partly by close contact and embryonic and maternal tissue. Some Blattodea, Dermaptera, Psocoptera, and Hemiptera reproduce this way.