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neala                                          Jugal area of the wing.

necrotising archnidism       Progressive ulceration and loss of skin around the site of a bite by a number of araneomorph spider species. Its cause is uncertain and for this reason no fully effective treatments are available at the present time.

nodus                                         Kink or notch on the costal region of a dragonfly wing, also used for the cross vein just behind the notch.

notaulix (notauli)                    One of the longitudinal grooves on the mesonotum of certain hymenopterans (Ampulicinae)

notopleural suture.              Suture separating the external propleuron from the pronotum; occurring in most Archostemata, Adephaga and Myxophaga.

notopleuron            Triangular region in certain diptera behind the humeral callus.

notosternal suture.                 Suture separating the prosternum from the pronotum.

notum                                          The dorsal surface of a thoracic segment.

nymph                Young stages in hemimetabolous insects