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labium, labrium                                1) A lower mouthpart of an insect that is formed by the second pair of maxillae united in the middle line.  2) A lip-like part of various invertebrates. The lower lip; a compound structure forming the floor of the mouth. In Coleoptera, it is usually unpaired but may have two glossae and almost always bears two palps. Composed of the basal mentum and apical prementum.

lacinia                                                   (pl. Laciniae) (of maxilla). The mesal or inner lobe of the maxilla.

lamella                                   Thin plate like structure.

lamellate                 To possess lamellae often used in reference to antennae.

lamellate antennal club.               Antennal club composed of broad, flattened, plate-like segments, which are capable of lying flat against one another.

larva                     Name for immature insect that are different to adults - maggot differs from the adult fly. Plural larvae.

larviform.                                              Having all the characteristics of a larva, except with respect to the genitalia or genital opening. All truly larviform adult beetles have simple (or no) eyes, less than 4 antennomeres, a single tarsomere and single pretarsal claw.

lateral                                                    (laterad). An adjective (or adverb) denoting position near or movement toward the sides of the body.

lateral arms                                        (of metendosternite). Paired lateral projections of the metendosternite, often bearing laminae and anterior tendons.

lateral lobes                                       (of aedeagus). See Accessory lobes, Paramere.

lateral pronotal carina                  (pl. Carinae). A sharp lateral edge on the prothorax separating the pronotal disc above and the hypomeron below.

lek                                                          An assembly area to carry on display and courtship behaviour.

ligula.                                                   A median projection of the prementum; comprised of the fused glossae. The lobes at the tip of the labium.

locust vs grasshopper                   Locusts are acridids that have both a solitary phase and a gregarious phase, in which dense migratory swarms are formed. Certain species of a given genus may be locusts while others are not.

luminous organ.                              A light-producing organ usually located just beneath the surface of one or more apical or preapical ventrites, but occasionally elsewhere.

labellum, labella    

 Expanded tip of labium, seen in many dipteran flies, used to soak up fluids. [picture]

labial palpi  A pair of segmented sensory appendages of the insect labium.
labiform    ?
lunule (Latin, lunula = small moon) A small, crescent-shaped sclerite between the Ptilinal Suture and the base of the antennae.