(pl. galeae). The lateral or outer lobe of the maxilla.
Abdomen in Hymenoptera except for the first segment which is fused to the thorax.
(pl. genae). Cheeks. The ventrolateral part of the head below and behind the eye and laterad of the gular sutures.
genal comb
Row of spines on the lower gena of certain fleas.
genal process
An anterior projection of the gena, sometimes visible from above beyond the mandibles
Abruptly bent.
geniculate antenna
Elbowed antenna, or one in which the pedicel and flagellum of the antenna articulates with the scape at a distinct angle.[picture for Coleoptera]
Copulatory organs of an animal.
genital capsule
A capsule more or less enclosing the aedeagus. This capsule normally consists of the combined 9th and 10th abdominal segments, but occasionally it may be formed by the 8th segment, in which case the pregenital segments are reduced to a fork-like spiculum gastrale. See Pregenital  segments.
Breathing organ of aquatic animals- in insects usually bodily outgrowths infused with tracheae.
Without hairs. See Subglabrous.
One of a pair of lobes at the tip of labium, usually small, in honeybees are greatly elongated and used to suck up nectar.(see picture)
Three postoral appendage-bearing segments fused to the procephalon to provide mouth-parts.
Animal with a mixture of male and female characteristics.